Complete with ads, comics, photos and more, Print Replica lets you page through The Seattle Times exactly as it appears in print.

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Print Replica lets you read the day’s paper and up to seven days of back issues on any computer or mobile device. It’s a perfect way to keep up with our news when you’re on the go.

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If you subscribe to The Seattle Times, you get unlimited access to Print Replica for desktop and mobile. Read it on the Web or via our apps for iPad and Android.

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View a full table of contents and most-read stories, and easily skip to the section you want, You can also download pages as PDFs without using wi-fi, to print, save or read later.

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What people are saying

Downloaded the app, it found my subscription easily, and I get full print editions now! Including back copies … very well written app, great simple software.

This is a great app ... an incredibly convenient way to read the newspaper, whenever we want and wherever we are.

It is in a familiar format that I can browse and read without using all the paper. I can quickly skip over pages/sections that are not of interest to me.

Love the familiar layout when I’m traveling. LOVE it.

I wanted the printed Seattle Times when I moved to Walla Walla, but it is not readily available there. So, I discovered the print replica and now I read it every morning either on my iPad, desktop PC, or laptop.

One of us can take our print paper out for coffee in the morning; the other can read the Print Replica.